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Our client is a manufacturing company who approached us with an immediate requirement for developing a payroll solution. This is based on the fact that most of their employees are contracted outsourcing employees which results in a high rate of employee turnover. Apart from the absence of a standardized database, it takes 3 days to make payslips and an additional 2 days to do the tax calculation using a traditional system. This in turn causes real disadvantages such as human error, cost inefficiency, and lack of accountability.

Therefore, they wanted us to build human resource software where they could easily access a well-stored database, instruct the system to process, print, send payslips to each of its employees, and compute automated tax calculations. After analyzing the various requirements of the client, our experienced team of software development devised a solution known as the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) with the following features:

• Employee Database – facilitate all personal and company-related information about employees.
• Payroll and Tax Database – an automated system for inputting employee salaries and payroll taxes and distributing employee payslips.
• Employee Portal – Progressive Web App (PWA) for employees to access and download their payslips.
• Role-Based Administration - allows employees to have access to the information they need based on the role of individual users.
• Dashboard – summing up all the data contained in the system with a time-series data graph that can be filtered according to company needs.

The client was delighted to see our work and professional approach to the execution of the project. Our solutions allow them to have a well-stored database that can make it easier for them to find all employee information, to edit or delete data that is no longer needed, and most importantly, can speed up the payroll process to less than 3 hours. Our team comprises highly-qualified individuals who are skilled in developing software to upgrade your business competitiveness and effectiveness with improvement from the Information Technology side.

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